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Samsung Easy Sync - Easily Transfer Content From iPhone

By Simon Thomas on 25th June 2012

Samsung have released a new piece of software on their Galaxy smartphones which enables users to easily transfer content from their iPhone to a Galaxy device.


The new software, called Samsung Easy Sync, comes pre-loaded on the Galaxy SIII and enables users to easily transfer their contacts, messages, photos, videos , podcasts and music from their iPhone to their new Galaxy device.


Samsung Easy Sync requires users to install the software to be installed on both a desktop PC and  your Galaxy device. All you need to do then is select your iTunes backup on your PC and it'll automatically be added on your Galaxy smartphone.


Changing to a new smartphone is already stressful enough and the differences between platforms just make the process even more complex. However, Samsung Easy Sync makes moving to an Android Galaxy device that much easier.


Samsung are claiming the software takes just 5 minutes to setup and that it'll work on all Galaxy smartphones and tablets. We assume you can also use this Samsung Easy Sync with the iPod and iPad because they also use iTunes.


You can download Samsung Easy Sync free for your Galaxy smartphone by clicking here.

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