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RIM Unveil Some Of The Best Uses Of BBM Groups !

By Simon Thomas on 20th June 2012

Blackberry Messenger is  RIM's most popular application and one of the main reason for the success of Blackberry smartphones. The company has now posted a number of examples documenting just why BBM Groups is such a great feature of their Blackberry smartphones.


The first reason why BBM Groups is so good is because it provides an easy way to "Coordinate Groups Of People". BBM Groups enables a collection of people to come together and chat without having to meet in person, which makes it perfect for planning a party . Tasks can easily be given to a group and everything can then be tracked on a collective calendar.


BBM Groups can also be used to "Share Moments" with friends and family. One example given by RIM is a pregnant woman sharing the progress of her baby with close friends and family by posting photos and regular calendar updates to a BBM Group she created.


The third and final reason BBM Groups are so treasured is because they enable easy management of clubs and groups. For example, a local football team can easily communicate in real time with players , as well as posting upcoming games and events on a collective calendar.


Blackberry Messenger is a stunning application that enables communication with multiple people at once in real time, as well offering the ability to share files and ensure everyone's calendar is up to date.

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