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O2 Wallet - Great For Rural Communities

By Simon Thomas on 19th June 2012


O2 Wallet  is a new service that enables people to easily transfer money to any mobile number in the UK using their smartphone.


Sending money using the service is as easy as sending a text message which makes it perfect for splitting bills or paying back money you owe to friends. You can send as little as a pound or as much as £500 and the application is totally secure.


O2 Wallet can also be used to pay for items online and even has a price comparison feature ensuring you get the lowest price when you buy an item online. With O2 Wallet you also get a physical card that can be used to pay for items in stores support NFC, such as Starbucks and McDonalds.


O2 have released a new video, posted above, which just how useful O2 Wallet can be in rural communities.


The village of Rhiwbina in South Wales has 11,000 residents and no cash machines which can sometimes cause money problems for people in the village. O2 visited the community and showed them just how they can use O2 Wallet to make their everyday life easier. They seemed to be very impressed and it looks like they'll all continue using the application.


The O2 Wallet application can be downloaded free on Android, Apple and Blackberry devices !

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