Nokia Transport 2.1 Beta Now Available For Windows Phone



Nokia have released a new version of their popular Nokia Transport application for Windows Phone.


Nokia Transport offers users  door-to-door navigation using only public transport which is very useful to tourists and visitors to cities they don't know. The new version of Nokia Transport (2.1), which is currently in beta, adds a number of new features to the already comprehensive application.


One new feature is the ability to pin multiple locations to your home-screen which makes it even easier to find your route. Another new feature is the ability to view upcoming stations and stops when travelling on public transport, which removes the anxiety of missing your stop.


Nokia Transport 2.1 also now enables you to find nearby stations and departure times close to your location, which is very helpful. The application also includes improved searching and benefits from improved performance overall.


You can download Nokia Transport for your Windows smartphone by clicking here.


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By Simon Thomas on 06th June, 2012

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