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Mozilla Working On Junior Browser For The iPad

By Simon Thomas on 18th June 2012

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular desktop browsers in the world and Mozilla have carried the success over to smartphones with the launch of Firefox Mobile. However, until now they havn't unveiled any plans to make a browser for Apple's iPad.


Mozilla have now unveiled that their team have been working on Mozilla Junior , which is a browser for the Apple iPad, over the last couple of months. Mozilla claim that Junior is "an iPad browser that makes browsing more fun, more ergonomic and re-thinks browser user experience from the ground up".


One of the main differences between Junior and traditional browsers is the user-interface it adopts. Mozilla Junior minimises on-screen content by removing a lot of the clutter and only featuring two small buttons, this gives it a clean look and maximises the size of the browser window.


One of the buttons is a back button so you can easily return to a previous page, while the other button is the main interface button that undertakes three main tasks. The three important features which become available when you expand the button are to give you a list of recently viewed websites, a list of favourites and a search/address bar.


Interestingly, Mozilla have decided not to support tabbed browsing which has become pretty standard these days. They claim their new "three-pronged" interface is more intuitive and simpler to use.


Mozilla Junior will also allow different users to login to the browser to bring up their own custom history and lists of favourites. This is a big bonus feature and one which we think should be integrated into every browser.


We're not sure when Mozilla plans to launch Mozilla Junior, but it'll definitely be good to have another option for browsing on Apple's tablet and some of the features of Mozilla's browser seem very interesting.



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