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Guide To Creative Studio For Lumia Smartphones

By Simon Thomas on 19th June 2012

A new guide to using Creative Studio on Nokia's Lumia smartphones has been posted by Nokia Conversations.


Creative Studio is an image editing application that enables you to add special effects and filters to your photos. Creative Studio is different to a lock of other image editing suites because you can choose to add effects before the photo is taken which enables you to see what your photo looks like before its taken.


Effects that can be added before the shot include a cartoon mode, sketch mode and many many more. Using these image filters makes your image much more unique and stylised.


Creative Studio, which is exclusive to Lumia smartphones, also enables you to add effects after you've taken your photo. Retrospective effects include auto enhancement, flawless skin mode and much more which make give your photos that professional finish.


One really fun feature of Creative Studio is "Face Warps" which gives you the opportunity to add crazy effects to people's faces. Changes you can make to people's faces include adding a super-chin, making them look like an alien and many more.


The guide posted by Nokia Conversations tells you everything you need to know to get the most out of Creative Studio. You can view the guide to Creative Studio by clicking here. The application itself can be downloaded from the Windows Marketplace on all of Nokia's Lumia smartphones.

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