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Google Nexus 7 Officially Unveiled !

By Simon Thomas on 28th June 2012

Google have officially unveiled their long rumoured tablet and as expected it's known as the Google Nexus 7 and is produced by Asus.


The Google Nexus 7 is an Android Jelly Bean (4.1) tablet that is priced at $199 in the US and £159 in the UK. That pits it against the Amazon Kindle Fire and it looks set to change the whole tablet market because it has an amazing specification for the price.


The Google Nexus 7 has a 7 inch IPS (In-Plane Switching) touch-screen running at a resolution of 1280*800 pixels and is powered by a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. Gaming performance will be top-notch because the Nexus 7 has a 12-core graphics processor and 1GB of RAM.



On-board memory comes in a choice of either 8GB or 16GB and sadly the device doesn't support microSD cards. However, with the move towards cloud-based storage and the potential to use external hard-drives we're sure it'll be fine.


Supported connectivity on the Google Nexus 7 includes WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC. Google's Tablet also has a 1.3 mega-pixel camera and a battery supporting up to 8 hours of active use. 3G are hoping to review the Google Nexus 7 very soon so keep posted !


The Google Nexus 7 is going to completely shake up the tablet market and is the first serious rival to the Apple iPad. Many tablet manufacturers will have to think about lowering the price of their tablets because if they don't they could see a massive reduction in sales.


The Google Nexus 7 is available to pre-order now for £159 from Google Play !

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