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Android Jelly Bean Features and Improvements Unveiled

By Simon Thomas on 28th June 2012

Google have unveiled Android Jelly Bean (4.1) which has already been confirmed as the operating system powering the Google's Nexus 7 Tablet (pictured above).

3G thought this made it the perfect time to document all the new features and improvements brought by Google's new operating system (OS). As you'd expect there are a whole host of new features and improvements, so we'll just be documenting the major ones.


Improved Responsiveness


The first improvement brought by Android Jelly Bean is a boost in the overall responsiveness of the user-interface. Google have tried to ensure that the OS runs at 60 frames-per-second in a move they've branded "Project Butter". Google have included a new innovative technology which tries to predict what users will click next to try and improve the responsiveness even further.


Keyboard and Voice Recognition Typing


Keyboard and voice typing has also been vastly improved in Android Jelly Bean. The keyboard has been improved over the version present on Android 4.0 making it easier to use, while the prediction algorithms have also been vastly improved. Meanwhile, Voice Recognition Typing can now run without the need for an internet connection !


Home-Screen Widgets


A major gripe for Android users for a long time has been the issues that Google's operating system has when you add new widgets to your home-screen. In the past it proved impossible to move widgets to a crowded home-screen, but in Android Jelly Bean the OS will automatically move other widgets to a free home-screen or re-size the current widgets so your new one will fit.


Photo Album Improvements


The Android Photo Gallery has been improved in Jelly Bean with vast improvements in speed implemented. Navigating through your galleries is now much smoother and faster than in any previous versions of Android. Additionally, there is a new view which enables you to view the previous and next photos and to delete photos by swiping.


Notifications With Actions !


Another area of evolution is in the "Notifications Bar", which now supports actions. For example, if you have a notification of a missed call you can now call-back from inside the Notification pull-down menu. This is a great idea and in our opinion the change which will make the biggest difference to the users experience.


Google will be hoping that Android Jelly Bean spreads to devices faster than Android Ice Cream Sandwich. We've already seen the Google Nexus 7 announced running on Android 4.1 and we expect a plethora of devices to be announced running the OS in the next month !

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