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Amazon AppStore Finally Coming To The UK !

By Simon Thomas on 21st June 2012

Earlier this month we brought you rumours that Amazon's Appstore would finally be hitting Europe this summer.  This rumour has now been officially confirmed by Amazon who have announced the imminnent release of the Appstore in all major European countries.


Infact, Amazon have already begun inviting developers to submit applications to their Appstore. The Amazon Appstore offers users a place to find all the latest and greatest Android applications !


The best thing about the confirmation that the Appstore is launching in the UK is that it opens up the possibility for the Amazon Kindle Fire to launch in the UK. The Amazon Kindle Fire is a great 7 inch tablet which comes at a great price (£150) and we're very excited about the prospect of it becoming available in the UK.


The reason the Kindle Fire didn't launch in the UK previously is that Amazon are relying on application, music and book sales to make profit from the device. This obviously wasn't possible in the UK because the Amazon Appstore wasn't available on our shores.


Amazon didn't give an exact launch date for the Amazon Appstore in the UK, but as soon as we get any news about its launch or about the potential launch of the Kindle Fire you'll be the first to know.

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