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Blackberry Document The Potential Uses Of NFC For Businesses

By Simon Thomas on 25th June 2012


RIM have released a new video interview giving an overview of how businesses can use NFC. The video , which can viewed above, features a guy called Geoff who works for RIM's product management division.


NFC (Near Field Communication) is a new wireless technology which has been grabbing a lot of headlines in recent times.


The flagship feature of NFC is its capability to be used in retail outlets for pay for items merely by passing your smartphone next to a reader. Many stores in the UK have already adopted the technology including McDonalds and Starbucks with more and more joining up all the time.


However, NFC has many other amazing features which can be used in business including smart tags, which enable you to change the functions of your mobile by scanning a tag. For example when entering a meeting employees can scan a tag which sets their Blackberry to silent.


NFC is supported on all Blackberry's smartphones running Blackberry 7 including the Blackberry Bold 9990 and the Curve 9360. We'll continue to report on all the latest developments in NFC technology as and when they appear.

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