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Stream Content From Your TV To Your Samsung Mobile

By Simon Thomas on 24th June 2011

The technology to stream content from your smartphone to your TV has existed for a long time. It's done through DLNA which streams the content from your smartphone onto your PC or TV wirelessly. However, doing things the other way hasn't been possible. However, Samsung have now released an application for the Samsung Galaxy SII which does just this. 


With Samsung Smart View you can now send what is being display on your Samsung Smart TV to your mobile. In addition you can also other content including Games, Internet and the iPlayer. The application also enables you to control the volume, change channel and supports game controls.  Samsung will be adding a full channel list with programme information in the future, which will also be search-able.


All the "streaming" takes place over WiFi, so you need to be within WiFi range of the television or it won't work. 


Currently, the application is only available on the Samsung Galaxy SII , but  Samsung plans to make it available on more devices shortly. The Samsung TV's that have Samsung Smart technology include the full D8000 , D9000 and D950 ranges.


It's certainly a great idea and we hope to see more and more phones supported, because we really think it's a useful addition !


The Samsung Smart View application is available to download free from the Android Market.

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