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Five Great Palm Apps for the World Cup

By Jeff Baker on 22nd June 2010

Palm has put together a group of Palm webOS Apps for crazed world cup fans. The Apps are listed below along with an intro to the App.


World Cup 2010
Follow the World Cup 2010 with all the results at your fingertips. Keep track of matches, kick-off times and group rankings. Filter all matches with your favorite team. A countdown shows the time until the next match.


World Cup Manager
A complete guide to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Fixtures, live scores, group tables, venue information, team news -- everything you need to keep track of what is happening in South Africa in June and July. Available for free in the Palm App Catalog.


World Cup 2010 Free
World Cup wallpapers, updated every day. Favorite teams and players. Available for free in the Palm App Catalog.


World Cup Air Horn
Want to have live stadium atmosphere at home or just make some real noise? Then this is the app for you. Just tap the screen for a blast of sound.


You’ve probably heard about the vuvuzela in the news lately. Also known as a stadium horn, the vuvuzela is commonly blown by fans at football matches in South Africa. You definitely need this app for the full World Cup South Africa experience in your pocket. Available for free in the Palm App Catalog.

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