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Acer Liquid E Ferrari Android Smartphone

By Jeff Baker on 02nd June 2010

 The Acer Liquid E Ferrari Android Smartphone comes in glorious Ferrari red so it’s a definite hit from us. We here at love it as we are genuine F1 nutcases.


The basic Acer Liquid became available in shops in March this year and 3G reviewed the Acer Liquid around that time. Our review concluded “ It’s not the best Android phone around by a long shot” but what the heck if it comes in Ferrari red we love it now. You can read our Acer Liquid Review here.

Acer Liquid E Ferrari Android Smartphone


Looking at Acer Liquid E Ferrari smartphone its powered by Android 2.1, has a 5 megapixel on-board camera with auto-focus, comes in glorious Ferrari red with Ferrari branding, 3.5 inch touchscreen, 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and GPS tagging.


You can see from the photos above Ferrari will be pushing this mobile phone hard and there's a full blown website for the Acer Liquid E Ferrari smartphone. Check it out here. Acer has done a good job, both with landing the Ferrari deal and the resulting smartphone. It comes with red covers front and back, chrome trims and full Ferrari branding.


Ferrari are calling this the “world’s most exclusive smartphone”. We at 3G don’t really see that but we hope we can get one. Now. There’s a whole raft of wallpapers, ringtones, photos and videos to fine tune your turbo charged Ferrari smartphone just as you want it.


Pricing and availability is not yet known but July has been gleaned from insiders. In the UK six major websites have been appointed to sell the Acer Liquid E Ferrari Android Smartphone and soon as you can buy or pre-order this we will post it here.

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