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Z Launcher: Everything you need to know

By Kevin Thomas on 04th July 2014

Z Launcher: Everything you need to know


Nokia's Z Launcher is on its way.


One of the great things about Android is how customisable it is and that goes right down to being able to change the launcher. There’s any number of launchers available on Google Play, which can replace whatever skin your device’s manufacturer has installed, but one of the most exciting ones that’s currently in development is Z Launcher.


What is it?

Z Launcher is a new launcher app made by Nokia, so it’s got a big name behind it. It’s still in development so features may be subject to change, but right now it’s a simple idea, but one which could make getting to the content you want faster and easier than ever.


Essentially it displays a short list of apps and contacts on your home screen, a bit like a less cluttered app drawer, so it’s a minimalist design. The clever bit though is that it learns what you use and when, so for example while at work it might put your calendar on the home screen, along with co-workers that you regularly call, while in the evening it might switch to Facebook, Twitter and the latest game you’ve found yourself addicted to.


Z Launcher: Everything you need to know


The more you use it the more it learns and the more accurate its suggestions are likely to become. But even if an app isn’t on the home screen it’s still easy to get to. You don’t need to delve into an app drawer, instead just write the first letter of the app, contact or function that you want.


You don’t have to use the keyboard to do this or do it from a special screen, you can just make the shape of the letter on the home screen with your finger and then it will bring up a list of all the matching apps and contacts.


How to get it

Z Launcher is still in pre-beta so it’s not widely available just yet. Occasionally they have openings to test it, so if you’re interested just keep an eye on the website, though bear in mind that being in pre-beta it won’t be complete and may not be entirely stable.


Currently the app is only available for a handful of the most popular Android devices such as the Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 and the Nexus 5, but the team is working on getting it up and running on other devices so by the time it launches properly it’s likely to support numerous Android handsets.


Head over to Z Launcher to find out more.

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