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Three received fewer complaints than any other network according to Ofcom report

By Kevin Thomas on 03rd July 2014

Three received fewer complaints than any other network according to Ofcom report

Three received the least complaints at 0.04 per thousand customers, marginally edging out O2 which also received 0.04, but slightly more overall. That’s the first time that Three has ever received the least complaints since Ofcom began making these reports in April 2011 and brings an end to O2’s streak of receiving the least complaints, which lasted for thirteen consecutive quarters.


The report covers Q1 (January to March) of 2014 and shows that EE (which for these purposes includes T-Mobile and Orange) received 0.12 complaints per one thousand customers. That might not sound like much but it’s double the industry average of 0.06.


EE might be storming ahead when it comes to 4G rollout, but not everyone is happy with the network, according to the latest Telecoms and Pay TV Complaints report from Ofcom.


Of the other assessed networks Vodafone received 0.05 complaints per thousand customers and Virgin Mobile received 0.07.


Compare that to the previous reports and the results are largely similar. Between October and December of 2013 EE was once again the most complained about network, with 0.13 complaints per thousand customers, so it’s actually doing marginally better now, and has been gradually getting better since Q4 of 2012, where it had over 0.20 complaints per thousand customers.


Three and O2 were closely matched again last quarter, with both networks getting 0.03, though that time round O2 was marginally better. Vodafone and Virgin Mobile received exactly the same scores as the latest report, with 0.05 and 0.07 respectively while the industry average was once again 0.06.


Looking further back the relative position of each network remains much the same over the last year or two, but the volume of complaints against Three has dropped significantly from a peak of 0.19 per thousand customers in Q2 2012 to 0.04 in the last report. Indeed until recently Three was the second most complained about network after EE, so while it might be behind on 4G it’s certainly doing something right.


The good news is that whatever network you’re on things appear to be getting better, as the industry average of 0.06 is the lowest it’s been in years.

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