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The Moto G gets Android 4.4.4 update

By Simon Thomas on 25th July 2014

Motorola Moto G


Motorola’s popular smartphone has just received an update, taking it to Android 4.4.4 KitKat. You won’t notice many Google additions as most of it is under the hood, including improvements to the accuracy of the power profile, an update to OpenSSL, bug fixes, security fixes and stability improvements.

So your Moto G will hopefully be a little more stable and more secure after the update. But Motorola also took the opportunity to make some improvements of its own. As well as bringing it up to the latest version of Android, the update adds a pause button to the viewfinder on the video recording screen of the camera. So now you can tap to pause and tap again to resume recording a video.

You’ll also find that the dialler has been updated and refreshed with a new graphical layout and colours, apparently designed to improve consistency and usability.

Finally, the update adds support for the Motorola Alert application, which can send periodic alerts with your location to select contacts and can also be used to set off an alarm or call a pre-designated number in an emergency. However you won’t actually see the app on your phone. If you want it you’ll have to download it (for free) from Google Play. The update just makes it compatible.

Motorola recommends waiting till your phone is at least 50% charged and connected to a Wi-Fi network before downloading the update. Then there are two ways to go. You’ll likely have got an alert about the update, in which case just tap ‘download’, then ‘install’, then wait for it to finish.

Or if you don’t have an alert head into settings, then ‘About Phone’ and finally ‘System Updates’ and you should see the update listed there. Follow the instructions and you’ll soon find your phone is on version 210.12.40, complete with the various improvements and features detailed above.

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