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Skype for Android update finds your friends for you

By Kevin Thomas on 29th July 2014

Skype for Android update finds your friends for you


Skype is a great, not to mention largely free way of staying in touch with friends and family, thanks to a full featured service which includes instant messaging, voice calls and even video calls.


But it’s not always easy to find your friends and family on the service, as you have to find them by username, which can be an annoyance when you already have a phone number and email address for someone.


But soon that phone number or email address will be all you need. Skype for Android is rolling out version 5.0 and with it comes a new feature, where you can verify your mobile number and then have it link up to your phone’s address book to automatically add anyone from it who has Skype and has also verified their number.


On top of that if you log in to Skype with a Microsoft account then it will soon be able to automatically link up with your address book from other Microsoft services, such as Outlook and Windows 8, so your Skype contacts list will gradually fill up on its own as your friends and family sign up to the service.


Don’t worry though, it still keeps you in control and keeps your private information safe. Your phone number won’t be a public part of your profile and you can choose whether or not you actually want Skype to link to your various accounts and automatically add people.


Initially this feature is just rolling out to Android users, but the Skype team claims it’s planning to bring it to other mobile operating systems in the coming months, so keep an eye out for it.


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