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Samsung Z gets delayed with no new release date in sight

By Kevin Thomas on 30th July 2014

Samsung Z gets delayed with no new release date in sight

Samsung Galaxy Z shifts to the far right!


You might remember that back at the beginning of June we reported on the announcement of Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z. It even popped up again just over a week ago in a stylish gold colour, but despite these sightings it might not be launching any time soon.


Previously it was pegged for a third quarter (July, August or September) release in Russia, followed by a global rollout, but The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Samsung has delayed the Z in order to “further enhance the Tizen ecosystem.”


It didn’t get more specific as to what that meant, but in the world of smartphones an ecosystem tends to largely refer to apps and Tizen is distinctly lacking on that front, so Samsung might be trying to remedy that situation before launching. The problem there of course is that it can’t be easy to convince developers to make apps for a platform that has no available phones.


Whatever the reason for the delay Samsung hasn’t given a revised release date, which is a little bit worrying, especially as this isn’t the first time the Samsung Z has been delayed. It’s beginning to look like we might never see the phone, though whether the Z or something else we’re still fairly confident that Samsung will release a Tizen phone at some point.


The company has certainly put a fair amount of effort into creating the operating system and it’s already using it for smartwatches, so a smartphone is surely only a matter of time.


It would be a shame if the Samsung Z doesn’t launch though as with a 2.3GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a 4.8 inch 720p display, a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate monitor it was shaping up to be a solid little handset.


Have you seen the Gold Samsung Z?

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