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Samsung takes a jab at the iPhone’s screen size

By Kevin Thomas on 23rd July 2014

Samsung takes a jab at the iPhone’s screen size


Samsung and Apple have long been rivals and as part of that the two firms sometimes feel the need to criticise one another. In some cases it’s serious criticism that plays out in law courts while at others it’s a little more playful.


A new advert for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latter and follows on from previous Samsung adverts that blast the iPhone for not being able to multitask, having bad battery life and more besides. It shows an iPhone user getting excited by the fact that the iPhone 6 is likely to be bigger and then points out that Samsung has been making bigger phones for years.


It’s funny and sort of has a point, since if all Apple users wanted was a bigger screen then they could have jumped ship a long time ago, but we can’t see it scoring many converts. After all it’s no secret that Samsung’s handsets are bigger, but Apple users want a bigger iPhone, not just a bigger phone. And even then we’d wager there will plenty of people who’ll lament the loss of the 4.0 inch size point.



But worse than that it arguably shows that Samsung feels threatened. Yes on the one hand Apple is reacting to a changing market that Samsung was a big part of, but despite that Samsung feels the need to respond to the fact that Apple’s catching up. After all, size was arguably a big selling point for Samsung, once Apple offers that too, what then?


If the rumours of the metal-clad 4.7 inch Samsung Galaxy F that’s expected to launch at around the same time as the iPhone 6 are true then it’s even worse, with Samsung clearly copying Apple in order to compete with it.


We’re not going to get into which phone is better, at least not until we’ve got our hands on an iPhone 6 and both firms make great handsets, but this advert, while funny, arguably does Samsung more harm than good.


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