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LG goes hands-on with the G Watch

By Kevin Thomas on 18th July 2014

LG goes hands-on with the G WatchThe LG G Watch was one of the first Android Wear smartwatches out of the gate and as it’s still a pretty new product and even quite a new product category many people aren’t all that familiar with it.


With that in mind, LG has created a hands-on video demonstrating the key features of the G Watch, so whether you’re debating if you want to buy one or just want to know the important aspects of your new purchase this video is for you.



As you can see, pairing it with your phone is a breeze. You basically just install the Android Wear app, launch it and press pair.


To conserve battery the screen stays dim most of the time, but if you raise your wrist or tap it the display will light up, so you can see notifications at a glance. If you want to instantly dim the screen again just hold your palm over it for a second.


A quick swipe down from the clock face will let you switch the watch between vibrate and mute and check the battery level, while a long press followed by a sideways swipe lets you change the clock face.


Google Now notifications will automatically appear on the screen as they’re received or needed and you can cycle through them with a quick swipe, or tap on one to view it in detail and action it. For example if you have an appointment somewhere a tap on the card will show you the full address, and you can then choose to navigate there.


If you want to do something specific just say ‘Ok Google’ and you can look things up, set reminders, check your schedule, make calls and more. You can even ask it to translate phrases and words, so it could be enormously useful when abroad.


You can’t take calls directly on the G Watch, but if you make or answer a call from it you’ll find the action will be carried out on your phone. While if you get a text you can reply to it straight from your wrist by speaking a response. You can also read emails and reply in the same way.


Most of these features are standard across all Android Wear devices, but right now ‘all Android Wear devices’ just means the G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, so if want to join the wearable revolution now the LG G Watch is a good option.

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