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iPhone 6 looks set to support NFC

By Simon Thomas on 28th July 2014

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Android phones and Windows Phone handsets have been incorporating NFC for a while now, yet Apple has so far seemed reluctant to add it to the iPhone.

That might all be about to change with the iPhone 6 though, as has received images of an iPhone 6 circuit board. There are various differences between this one and the one found in the iPhone 5S, such as the positioning of the processor, but alongside the images the source who supplied them stated that the iPhone 6 will have an NFC chip.


iPhone 6 PCBWhile we’d always take any rumour with a pinch of salt, especially when they come from an unnamed source (albeit one which describes as ‘particularly reliable’) this one sounds believable.

First off it’s not the first time the possibility of NFC has been suggested. Back in April, analyst Ming Chi Kuo predicted as much according to Apple Insider. Now analysts are just that and don’t normally have inside information, but that’s not the only evidence of NFC.

There’s also the fact that Apple may have good reason to jump on the NFC bandwagon right now, as there’s been talk for a while that Apple might launch a mobile payment service, while The Information claims that Apple plans to launch the service as soon as the autumn, which would line up nicely with the iPhone 6.

How does this all tie into NFC? Well because NFC is a contactless technology commonly used for mobile payments, so while it’s not the only mobile payment solution it would make a lot of sense. If Apple really is adding NFC to the next iPhone we suspect we’ll hear a lot more about it and the accompanying mobile payments service over the coming months, so stay tuned.


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