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Galaxy S5 attracts Apple fans but fails to unseat iPhone 5S

By Simon Thomas on 02nd July 2014

Galaxy S5 attracts Apple fans but fails to unseat iPhone 5S

Galaxy S5 attracts some Apple customers in Europe


The Samsung Galaxy S5 was quite possibly the biggest smartphone launch of the year so far, yet according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech it was only the third highest selling handset in Britain during May, which was its first full month on sale.


It wasn’t even other new handsets that it trailed behind. Rather, it was outsold by the iPhone 5S, which enjoyed the most sales of the month, and the iPhone 5C, which was the second most successful phone in May.


Both those handsets came out last year, so while the Galaxy S5 can claim to be the most popular Android handset it just goes to show how popular iOS is compared to any single Android phone. Android as a whole enjoys 73.3% market share across Europe, while iOS only has 16.6%, but then at any given time there are only really a few iPhone’s on sale, while there are dozens if not hundreds of Android handsets.


Of course the small number of Apple devices available could in some ways boost their popularity, as Apple fans have few phones to choose from, whereas Android or even Samsung fans could buy any number of handsets. Looked at like that it’s easier to see why the Samsung Galaxy S5 was outsold by two aging phones, especially as while they’re getting on a bit they’re still the two latest Apple handsets, at least until the iPhone 6 emerges later this year.


It’s also worth noting that while 58% of Galaxy S5 buyers already owned a Samsung handset, 17% switched over from an iPhone. Surprisingly the Galaxy S5 also did slightly better against Apple in America, where it was second only to the iPhone 5S in May, while Samsung as a whole sold more phones than any other maker over the last three months in the US, with a 36.8% market share, compared to Apple’s 32.5%.


Though of course that’s likely down to the fact that Samsung has more available phones and in fact only 8% of American Galaxy S5 owners were former iPhone buyers.


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