S Health Application Available For Galaxy SIII !


Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung have unveiled a new health application for the Samsung Galaxy SIII.


The new application, called S Health, enables Samsung Galaxy SIII owners to track their health and well-being on their smartphone. With the S Health application you can track a whole variety of health-related data such as your weight, blood-glucose level, blood pressure and monitor your diet.


In order to input data into the application you can connect monitoring devices, such as blood-glucose monitors and blood-pressure readers, to the smarpthone using USB or Bluetooth.


You can then track your progress using your Galaxy SIII and easily share your results with Twitter. The S Health application will even help you with your dietary and exercise giving you recommendations and advise.


At launch S Health is compatable with Lifescan Blood Glucose Meter , OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor , OMRON Body Composition Monitor , A&D Blood Pressure Monitor  and A&D Body Composition Monitor . We're sure it won't be long before an S Health accessory pack is released including a number of monitors.


The S Health application is available to download free to Galaxy SIII applications by opening the "More Apps" application which came pre-loaded on the smartphone.


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By Simon Thomas on 02nd July, 2012

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