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Motorola XOOM - What Improvements Will Jelly Bean Bring ?

By Simon Thomas on 24th July 2012

Motorola have now officially confirmed that the Motorola XOOM will be getting updated to Android Jelly Bean, which is the latest version of Google's operating system. In addition they've documented the improvements the tablet will get when its updated to Android 4.1.


Improved User Interface and Responsiveness

The update to Android Jelly Bean will make the Motorola XOOM smoother and faster than ever before. It'll also benefit from user-interface tweaks making it even easier to use, while at the same time battery life will be improved thanks to CPU throttling when the additional power isn't needed.

Notification With Action Support

Android 4.1 brings action support to Android Notifications, which enables you to undertake tasks related to notifications from inside the notification alert. For example, an email notification now offers the ability to respond inside the notification alert.

Improved Home-screen Widgets

The Motorola XOOM now benefits from improved home-screen widgets which now automatically re-size to fit on your home-screen. Additionally, when you place a widget other things move or re-size so your widget goes exactly where you want it !


Search Improvements

A whole host of improvements have been made to the search including new Voice Search features , as well as a redesigned search so it's even easier to find exactly what your looking for.


New Keyboard and Language Technology


Android Jelly Bean improves the typing experience by introducing new predictive word software , as well as improving Google's knowledge and language model.


Android Jelly Bean (4.1) for the Motorola XOOM is already available to download in the US and should be available in the UK any-day now. As soon as 3G gets news of the update landing you'll be the first to know.

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