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Local Search Returning To Samsung Galaxy SIII

By Simon Thomas on 31st July 2012

Samsung have had to take action in the US due to Apple launching another patent dispute against the Korean company. However, Samsung then removed the local search feature from all the Galaxy SIII's across the world in a recently issued update.


Many experts and customers wondered why the local search had been removed from the International versions of the Galaxy SIII where the patent dispute isn't an issue. 3G have to say we did wonder too, but it seems Samsung simply made a mistake.


Apparently, Samsung didn't mean to remove local search in the update worldwide and will now be issuing an update which will re-introduce local search to the Galaxy SIII in all markets other than the US.


Samsung and Apple have been taking lawsuits against each other in the US for some time and they show no signs of coming to an end. We understand that companies have to protect their research and development, but the amount of lawsuits taking place is getting way out of control.


Anyway, rant over and as soon as the update becomes available you'll be the first to know !

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