Google Nexus 10 - iPad Rival Incoming ?


Google Nexus 7

Google unveiled the Google Nexus 7 last week which is their first venture in the crowded tablet market. However, their device easily stands out from the crowd due to its combination of a low-price and a high-end specification.


Google have priced the Nexus 7 (pictured above) around the same level as the Amazon Kindle Fire, which has been a huge success in the US. We expect Google's Nexus 7 to go on to eclipse Amazon's device and to change the whole tablet market forever.


However, Google isn't content with that because according to new rumours they are working on a 10 inch tablet, presumably called the Google Nexus 10. The rumours, reported by Digitimes, suggest that Wintek are producing 10 inch touch-screens for Google's next tablet.


Apparently, the Google Nexus 10 will be a premium tablet aimed directly at Apple's iPad. If this does prove the case then we can expect a device that supports 3G and a much higher overall spec than the Google Nexus 7.


3G will keep you posted on all the latest developments related to the Google Nexus 10. We'll also be reviewing the Google Nexus 7 shortly. so keep posted !




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By Simon Thomas on 03rd July, 2012

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