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Blackberry App World Hits 3 Billion Downloads !

By Simon Thomas on 09th July 2012

The last year has been pretty bad for RIM because they've seen a reduction in sales and a server crash which upset many of there customers. However, one good piece of news emerging from the company is that the Blackberry App World has now seen over 3 billion downloads.


This information comes thanks to an interview given by Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins with the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail. The figure looks insignificant compared to the 15 billion downloads seen on Google Play or the 20 billion apps downloaded from Apple's App Store, but its still a step forward for RIM.

RIM are due to launch their next version of the Blackberry operating system at the start of next year, which will lead to some fragmentation on the Blackberry App World.


Sadly, current Blackberry 7 smartphones won't be able to be upgraded to the new Blackberry 10 platform. However, RIM's CEO also confirmed that the company will be continuing to support Blackberry 7 devices, which is at least some consolation to owners of current Blackberry smartphones.


3G expects Blackberry 10 smartphones to be unveiled very soon and we'll bring you all the latest leaks and news once we get it !



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