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Samsung Galaxy S5 to be announced at 6pm on 23rd February

By Kevin Thomas on 23rd January 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5


Rumours have been doing the rounds for the Samsung Galaxy S5 for the last six months and more. Some are from trustworthy sources some not so. One of the most reputable tipsters we have found over the years is Eldar Murtazin.


Eldar has taken to Twitter to post that the Galaxy S5 will be announced on 23rd February (6pm) in Barcelona. That's a day before the official beginning of Mobile World Congress which is also taking place in the Spanish city.


He also outlined that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be priced at the same price of the Galaxy S4 which would make it around £600 or under and that Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz user interface is expected to be updated to an all new version with an all-new user-interface.


Samsung Galaxy S5 - What to expect at the unveiling

We all believe the S5 will come with either a fingerprint sensor or an iris sensor. The favourite to be included is the fingerprint sensor which is seen as a better end solution and is also easier to introduce.


The next point of contention is whether we'll see the S5 coming with a plastic construction, a premium metal body or one version of each. No one has a heads up on this but a version of each would be an exciting possibility.


The display meanwhile has been reported as a 5.25 inch 2K QHD display while the main camera is rumoured to be 20 megapixels and will support 4K video recording capability and have optical-image-stabilisation (OIS) technology.


The latest snippet regarding the processing power is that the S5 will feature a Snapdragon 805 processing chip, while Android KitKat will ship with the smartphone.


However, none of the above has been confirmed by Samsung so far and we are sure more rumours and leaks will surface the nearer we get to the anticipated announcement date.

Have you seen the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 concept design?

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