LG G2 in gold colour spotted but will the UK get it?


LG G2 gold


A new gold version of the LG G2 has surfaced in Taiwan along with a photo (above) and prices. This is LG’s first smartphone to come in gold and means that LG join Samsung, Apple and others in offering the “midas touch” to its smartphones.


LG’s flagship G2 smartphone is only currently available in black and white in the UK so a gold version would be an attractive option for buyers. The new colour brings a tasteful shade of gold to the G2 in a similar vein to Apple's iPhone 5S, which is proving very popular.


The LG G2 in gold is listed with ePrice for a price of $495 for a 16GB version and $560 for the 32GB.


Currently, there was no news that it would be heading to the good old UK but we are optimistic, as after all, its only a new colour addition.


While we wait for more news you may like to read our LG G2 Review as we await further news you will find that our reviewer commented “The LG G2 is probably the best phone on the planet right now. It combines top flight specs with a great camera and even better display alongside a wealth of innovative features. It even has good battery life”.


Would you be interested in the gold version of the LG G2? Let us know below.


Taiwanese source

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By Kevin Thomas on 15th January, 2014

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