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Google Nexus 8 Rumours Reignite

By Simon Thomas on 23rd January 2014

Google Nexus 8 Leaked Image

Google Nexus 8 could feature a 64-bit Intel Atom processor

Rumours about the potential launch of the Google Nexus 8 first surfaced back in November when a picture of an unknown tablet (above) appeared on Google's Nexus website. Since then things have gone quiet, but now some fresh information has surfaced.


According to sources, reporting to Digitimes, Google are planning to launch the 8-inch tablet in the middle of 2014. They also claim that it could feature a new Intel Bay Trail-T chip complete with a new 64-bit processor - the first sign that the new tablet could be gunning for Apple's iPad mini.


But who will make the new tablet? Could it be LG who made the original Google Nexus 7, Asus who made the second iteration of the tablet, or possibly even Samsung who made the larger Google Nexus 10. Or could it be made by a manufacturer who hasn't produced a Nexus device before? We'll just have to wait and see.


The switch to a slightly larger form-factor is thought to be a response to lower than expected sales of the Google Nexus 7 2013.  The Nexus 7 has seen its sales eroded by lower-priced alternatives. and there are plenty to choose from in the 7-inch category, but the 8-inch market is a much quieter place dominated by the iPad mini, Galaxy Tab 3 and Galaxy Note 8.0.


Same value tablet or a more premium device?


When Google burst onto the scene with the Nexus 7 their tablet offered unrivalled value, but since then a plethora of well-priced tablets have entered the market.  Could that lead to Google deciding to go more upmarket with the Google Nexus 8 to challenge the likes of Apple's iPad mini with Retina display and Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0?


We're expecting the Nexus 8 to have a competitive price, but to feature a more premium build and better feature-set than we've seen in previous Nexus tablets. Enabling them to compete more directly with Apple's iPad mini, but at the same time still offering consumers excellent value for money.


What are you hoping for from the Google Nexus 8? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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