Google Nexus 5 looks ravishing in new Red version


Google Nexus 5 Red

Google Nexus 5 to get livened up by new Red version

Yesterday, we brought you news that Google's Nexus 5 was going to come in six new colour variants (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange and Purple) based on a leaked Google Play listing for the smartphone.


At the time, we had to doubt the authenticity of the leak which could easily have been faked. However, it's been given fresh credence today by a set of pictures of a new Red version of the Google Nexus 5 which were posted on Twitter.


The snaps (above and below) show the retail box, and the front and back of the new vibrant version of Google's smartphone. They look legit and all-but-confirm that at least one new version of the Nexus 5 is about to ship to consumers.

 Google Nexus 5 Red Retail Box

That new Red version would certainty liven up Google's smartphone offering a more exciting option than the current Black and White models. The Nexus 5 Red is all boxed and ready to go, so it shouldn't be too long before Google officially announce the new model.


We've also got our fingers crossed that the other 5 new colours will also come to fruition. As soon as get any more information you'll be the first to know.


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By Simon Thomas on 28th January, 2014

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