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Samsung Galaxy S4 could join the 50 Million Seller Club

By Kevin Thomas on 24th January 2014


Samsung's Galaxy S4 is on its way to hitting 50 million sales and would become Samsung's fourth smartphone to join the 50 million club, after the Galaxy S3, S2 and S all sold 50 million.


Samsung Korea has confirmed that the Galaxy S4 has now netted over 40 million sales across the globe.


The Galaxy S4 went on sale in April and sales hit 10 million in under 4 weeks and achieved another 20 million in the next 2 months. This equates to sales of 10 million per month in the first 3 months (April, May and June). The jump from 30 million to 40 million has taken an additional 6 months.


We wonder if Samsung can achieve 50 million sales of the S4. Read on to see.


How will the Galaxy S5 impact on sales of the S4?


The launch of the Galaxy S5, expected to take place in March or April of this year, is bound to have an effect on sales of the Galaxy S4.


In Western markets sales of the ageing smartphone are likely to be hit, but a lowering of the price of the Galaxy S4 could soften the effect. In developing countries the lowering of the price of the Galaxy S4 could lead to a spike in sales, which may even offset the reduction in sales in more developed markets.


The full scale of the damage will only be known a couple of months after the launch of the Galaxy S5 and depends on the price of the S5, any reductions in the price of the Galaxy S4 and what improvements the new Galaxy S5 brings.


Samsung continue to improve the Galaxy S4

Samsung's Galaxy S4 might be ageing, but Samsung continue to improve the Galaxy S4 and launch new models which should help boost sales.


  • Samsung have also introduced new Galaxy S4 colours of late, such as the S4 La Fleur version and a very popular new pink version. These appeal to a new breed of consumers and should help increase Galaxy S4 sales.
  • Samsung also launched a new 4G LTE Advanced version in Korea which takes advantage of the next-generation of 4G networks. This should boost sales in Samsung's native country and the model could be rolled out to more markets in the future.

50 Million S4 Sales?


The Galaxy S4 is now in an excellent position to become Samsung’s fourth 50 million seller, but it might take sometime to reach the landmark figure. Let’s wait and see.


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Via News 24 Korea

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