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Apple iWatch concepts have got us amped for Apple's smartwatch

By Simon Thomas on 28th January 2014

Apple iWatch 5C and iWatch 5S Concepts

Apple iWatch concept suggests Apple will launch two smartwatches


We were already fired up about Apple's iWatch, but our excitement levels have now reached fever pitch thanks to a new iWatch concept design put together by Martin Hajek.


The well-known designer has put together renders for two different iWatch models, the premium iWatch 5S and the more affordable iWatch 5C.


According to the renders (full sized images below) the iWatch 5S will have a more premium build with a metal design and leather strap, while the iWatch 5C will stick with a plastic build.  We love the little touches included such as the embossed Apple logo on the straps and the one engraved on the battery cover.


Even if these latest concept designs prove wide of the mark, they should help pass the time while we wait for Apple to overcome reported production problems. We still expect the iWatch to hit the market sometime in 2014, but the wait is going to be agonising.


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Apple iWatch 5C Concept

 Apple iWatch 5C Concept

Apple iWatch 5C Concept Photo 3

Apple iWatch 5C Concept Photo 2

Apple iWatch 5S Concept

Apple iWatch 5S Concept Brown Photo 1

Apple iWatch 5S Concept Brown

Apple iWatch 5S Concept Black

What do you think of the new iWatch concepts? Which is your favourite the iWatch 5S or the iWatch 5C? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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