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Vine Video-Sharing Application Lands On iPhone |

By Simon Thomas on 30th January 2013

Twitter revolutionised social networking by making people write concisely and to the point thanks to its 140 character limit. Now they are hoping that their new Vine application can do similar things when it comes to video-sharing.


Vine is a new application which has been released on the iPhone that enables users to upload 6 second video clips. What can you do in 6 seconds we hear you ask ?


Well, more than you might expect because the Vine application enables users to stop the timer at any moment and then re-continue later. This effectively enables a number of still images to be combined to make a 6 second video !


The makers of the application hope that users create Vines to give others a quick insight into their everyday life to share with friends and family. Videos posted to the service loop indefinitely which should lead to some really innovative and clever creations being produced !


Users can upload as many videos as they want to the service and share them to their favourite social networks , including Twitter and Facebook. The Vine application is available to download free from iTunes right now and we presume it'll come to other platforms shortly.


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