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Sony Xperia Z - What Makes It So Great

By Simon Thomas on 16th January 2013


The Sony Xperia Z was announced earlier this month and Three have already confirmed they'll be stocking the smartphone. The operator has now released a video highlighting what makes the Xperia Z such a great smartphone.


The video, which we've posted above, looks closely at the Xperia Z's stunning Mobile Bravia touch-screen display. The 5 inch Reality display runs at a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, which makes it the first Sony smartphone to support full HD.


The guys featured in Three's video can't praise the touch-screen enough and were blown away by the clarity offered. We arn't surprised because the device has a PPI of 443 , which is significantly higher than both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.


Another standout feature of the Xperia Z is its IP55 and IP57 certification , which makes it both water-resiatant and dust-proof. This is quite rare on a flagship smartphone and the video below demonstates the Xperia Z's water-resistance.  The smartphone also features "Dragontail" glass which is 6 times tougher than Gorilla-Glass.



The camera also comes in for praise and rightly so because the 13 mega-pixel snapper can record full 1080p HDR video. High-Dynamic Range makes your videos even more stunning by improving the contrast between dark and light parts.


One thing that we'd missed is that the Sony Xperia Z comes pre-loaded with a new "SocialLife" application which replaces Timescape. With the application you can keep up to date with all your social networks in one place.


Those who get angry with the battery life of modern smartphones will be pleased to hear that Sony has included a new mode called "Battery Stamina Mode". This reduces the amount of battery the smartphone uses by turning of the smartphones active data connection when the display is in sleep mode.


The Sony Xperia Z will be available to buy from Three when it launches in the UK in March. You can visit the Three store to find out more by clicking here.


3G hope to review the Xperia Z as soon as we get our hands on the smartphone and we've got a very good feeling about Sony's new flagship smartphone !

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