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Sony Xperia Z Coming To Three

By Simon Thomas on 08th January 2013


The Sony Xperia Z was unveiled earlier today and it hasn't taken Three long to confirm they'll be stocking the stunning Android smartphone.


Three have added Sony's smartphone to its "Coming Soon" page , but they havn't listed a release date as of yet. However, we have been led to believe that the Xperia Z will land in the UK on March 1st.


One thing we can be sure of is that Three will offer some amazing deals on the Sony Xperia Z including multiple tariffs which unlimited data. We'd expect the smartphone to be available on a contract costing around £36 a month with unlimited data.


You can visit the Three store to find out more about the Xperia Z by clicking here.


Three have also posted a video preview of the Sony Xperia Z documenting the main features of the smartphone.


We've posted the video above and we recommend you check it out to learn more about Sony's smartphone. Additionally, you can checkout our comprehensive article on the Sony Xperia Z by clicking here.

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