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Send and Receive Money Via Text Message By 2014

By Simon Thomas on 17th January 2013

Mobile Banking is already pretty well developed, but it looks like it could become even more advanced in the next couple of years.


The BBC have reported that by 2014 users will be able to send and receive money by text message. The information was revealed by a spokesman for the Payments Council who also stated that the UK is a little behind because the technology has been available in the developing world for some time.


The new text-based service won't require users to setup a separate bank account and will be administered by Faster Payments who already manage cash machine withdrawals across the UK. All you'll have to do to begin using the service is  tell your bank you wish to opt-in.


Security is of paramount importance and you'll be glad to hear that the text messaging service will be protected by a PIN number. Furthermore, all accounts will be monitored closely and suspicious behaviour will lead to the account being closed.


The main advantage of the text-based banking is convenience. For example, it is much easier to split a bill at a restaurant or pay back a friend money owed. Additionally, you only have to give out your mobile number not your bank details.


Banks expected to adopt text-banking include Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds , Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander and many more. At the current time we're not sure whether there will be any charge to users, but we would expect a small charge to be applied to every transaction.


In the UK Barclays have already launched Pingit (pictured above) which enables you to send money via smartphones. The good thing about the service is it doesn't cost anything and we hope that  text-banking follows Barclays example.



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