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Samsung Galaxy S4 To Set New Display Standards

By Simon Thomas on 25th January 2013

Over the last couple of weeks we've learnt a great deal about what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S4. A purported press image of the smartphone has even surfaced , posted above, as well as a full specification for the smartphone.


Fresh information suggests that Samsung are working on two new pixel layouts for their next-generation displays. The Korean giants have been working hard to drive up the PPI (pixel-per-inch) rating of their displays and apparently they've pushed the standard side-by-side pixel layout to the maximum.


In order to drive up the PPI the company are rumoured to be working on both hexagon and a diamond shaped pixel layouts. The new pixel layouts are made possible thanks to ‘laser-induced thermal imaging (LITI)’  , which is a new manufacturing processor.


Samsung are hoping this will enable them to deliver the highest PPI possible on their displays with the new technology looking set to feature in the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung's smartphone is expected to be unveiled later this year and we've previously heard it'll feature a 4.99 inch touch-screen.


Originally, we reported that the Galaxy SIV's display would run at a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, or full HD, which would give it a PPI of 441. However, it could now potentially launch with an even higher resolution display therefore setting new standards for a mobile display.


What else do we know about the Samsung Galaxy S4 ?


Previous rumours suggest that the Galaxy S4 will be powered by Samsung's recently unveiled Exynos 5 octa-core processor.  The new processor brings cutting-edge performance while also offering excellent battery life thanks to the use of 4 maximum power cores and 4 energy efficient cores.


Samsung's smartphone is also expected to have 2GB of RAM , a 13 mega-pixel camera and support for 4G, WiFi and 3G.  The Galaxy S4 is rumoured to come pre-loaded with Android Key Lime Pie , which is the upcoming version of Google's operating system.


As soon as 3G get more news about the Samsung Galaxy S4 you'll be the first to know !



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