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Samsung Galaxy S2 Gets Android Jelly Bean !

By Simon Thomas on 24th January 2013

Samsung launched the Galaxy S2 all the way back in 2011 and has since gone on to sell 40 million units worldwide. Owners of the smartphone will be glad to learn that Samsung have now begun rolling out Android Jelly Bean for the ageing mobile.


The Jelly Bean (4.1.2) update has begun rolling out in the UK and owners of the smartphone should receive a notification when it's become available. As always those with the smartphone locked to a specific operator will have to wait for them to release the update on their network.


How will Android Jelly Bean improve the Galaxy S2 ?


Firstly, the update to Android Jelly Bean will give the Galaxy S2's user-interface a much needed upgrade. When the smartphone was upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich it didn't adopt it's new interface, but this time it'll incorporate the new Jelly Bean interface.


Additionally, the Galaxy S2 benefit from a number of new features including "Direct Call" which enables users to call a number just by moving their smartphone to their ear. Another new addition is "Smart Stay" which puts the mobile into sleep-mode when the user isn't looking at the display.


Android 4.1.2 also adds support for actions inside the notifications bar, better home-screen widget management, an improved camera application and better stability and performance overall. It's well worth updating to Jelly Bean if you own a Galaxy S2 !


The Samsung Galaxy S2 is available on some truly amazing deals right now including on Three where you can pickup the mobile with unlimited data for £28 a month. You can checkout all of Three's Galaxy S2 deals by clicking here.

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