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Samsung Galaxy Note Getting Jelly Bean Update

By Simon Thomas on 02nd January 2013

The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most significant smartphones to be released in the last couple of years because it branded the term "phablet" and kick-started the trend towards even larger mobile displays.


The good news for anyone who still owns the original Galaxy Note is that Samsung have confirmed the smartphone will be getting upgraded to Android Jelly Bean (4.1). The information was unveiled in release notes accompanying the latest version of Samsung's Premium Suite.


The update to Android 4.1 will bring a  number of improvements to Samsung's smartphone including  "Google Now", which is Google's own version of Apple's Siri voice-assistant software.  Additionally, the Galaxy Note will now benefit from Google's "Project Butter" interface, support actions in the notification bar and have better home-screen widget management.


The release of the new version of Samsung's Premium Suite for the Galaxy Note is also great news because it'll bring a whole host of new features to the smartphone.


The flagship new addition included in the latest Premium Suite is  "Multiview"  , which enables true multi-tasking by allowing two windows to be displayed simultaneously . While the Premium Site also includes "Page Buddy" , "AirPlay" , new camera features and much more.


At the current time we don't have any details on when Android 4.1 and the Premium Suite will roll-out to the Galaxy Note. However, as soon as 3G get more information you'll be the first to know.

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