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Samsung Galaxy Note Gets Android Jelly Bean

By Simon Thomas on 16th January 2013

Rumours circulating online suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note can now be upgraded to Android Jelly Bean, although only if you live in Poland. This rumour , being reported by,  remains unconfirmed at the current time and could prove inaccurate.


However, assuming the rumours prove correct then it shouldn't be too long before the update lands in the UK. It'll be worth the wait because it'll bring a whole host of new features to Samsung's over-sized smartphone.


Essentially, the update to Android 4.1.2 brings you the majority of features available on the Galaxy Note 2 to the original Note , including Samsung's Premium Suite. The Premium Suite includes a number of applications optimised for the S-Pen interface including S-Note. My Story , Paper Artist and S-Memo.


Android 4.1.2 brings a number of new features including true multi-tasking thanks to "Multiview". Multiview enables two windows to be displayed at the same time, which is one step-up from standard multi-tasking solutions which require users to manually switch between windows.


"Page Buddy" is another cool new feature which opens up specific home-screens based on the actions performed on the smartphone. For example, connecting your headphones would open up a music-orientated home-screen.


Additionally, the phablet will support continuous text-input ala Swype and a whole host of other improvements. The interface will also benefit from improvements, while the whole operating system will be faster and more reliable.


As soon as 3G hear more about the potential release of Android 4.1.2 on the Samsung Galaxy Note you'll be the first to know.



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