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Samsung Galaxy Fonblet 5.8 Inch Phablet Incoming ?

By Simon Thomas on 22nd January 2013

Samsung pioneered the phablet when they launched the Samsung Galaxy Note and they've continued to set trends with the even bigger Galaxy Note 2. Now the Korean giants look set to launch a more affordable over-sized smartphone, called the Samsung Galaxy Fonblet.


The Galaxy Fonblet is a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 with the key difference being that it'll be a smartphone as opposed to a media-player. The Galaxy Fonblet is expected to be unveiled shortly and looks set to be made available in Europe.


So what more  do we know about the Samsung Galaxy Fonblet ?


Samsung's new smartphone is rumoured to have a 5.8 inch TFT touch-screen that will run at a resolution of 960*540 pixels. This signifies the more affordable nature of the device compared to the premium Galaxy Note 2.


The Galaxy Fonblet will also be a dual-SIM smartphone which signifies Samsung's intention to appeal to a different market. The affordable nature of the device is compounded by the rumoured inclusion of a 3 mega-pixel camera which help keep the cost down.


Android Jelly Bean will come pre-loaded on Samsung's device, while it's expected to be available in Pure White. Currently. we don't have any details on when the Samsung Galaxy Fonblet will launch or how much it'll cost , but as soon as 3G hear more we'll let you know.


We're pretty excited about the idea of an affordable over-sized smartphone and we can see the Fonblet proving hugely successful. A whole host of over-sized mobiles were unveiled at CES 2013 earlier this month highlighting their growing popularity as well as the increased competition in the market.

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