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Nokia Drive+ Now Available On Other Windows Phone 8 Smartphones |

By Simon Thomas on 28th January 2013

Nokia made their navigation software Nokia Drive+ available on their Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones last year. Now Nokia have made the application available to download on other Windows Phone 8 smartphones.


Nokia Drive+ is still in beta , but is available to download from the Windows Phone Marketplace on all Windows Phone 8 smartphones including the Samsung ATIV X and HTC 8X. So what features does Nokia Drive+ have ?


The Nokia Drive+ application is a fully fledged navigation application which offers free turn-by-turn voice navigation. The application also has a user-interface designed for use in cars and also includes free speed-camera warnings.


Maps can also be made available for offline access enabling you to continue to find your way even when you don't have mobile signal.  As you'd expect you can also customise your journey options including setting Nokia Drive+ to avoid toll-roads, traffic and much more.


We highly recommend that Windows Phone 8 users to download Nokia Drive+ because as far as free navigation solutions go its one of the best !


You can download Nokia Drive+ on your Windows smartphone by clicking here.

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