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Nokia Beat Sales Forecasts In 4th Quarter of 2012

By Simon Thomas on 11th January 2013

Nokia have announced their 4th quarter performance that shows  they've exceeded their forecasts which in turn has led to a rise in the companies share price.


Nokia's net sales for the last quarter of 2012 came in at €3.9 billion which was generated by 86.3 million devices. When combined with lower than anticipated operating expenses Nokia could even break-even in the quarter.


The market has reacted positvely to the news with Nokia's share-price rising by 16 per cent before the markets opened. When the markets open it could even rise further which is great news for the Finnish giant.


One of the shining lights in the quarter was the Lumia range whose sales in December were greater than both the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the year. Lumia smartphones also accounted for around 66 per cent of Nokia's smartphone sales in the month (4.4 million units).


The last couple of years have been pretty terrible for Nokia especially when it comes to the all important smartphone market. Things got so bad that Nokia decided to drop their own operating system in favour of Microsoft's Windows Phone platform and this latest financial report suggests the move might finally be paying off.


Nokia's Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones, such as the Lumia 920 (pictured above) , have been getting good reviews and are proving relatively successful with consumers. We hope this is just the start of the resurgence of Nokia because increased choice and competition is always good news for consumers.


3G will continue to bring you all the latest news related to Nokia including reviews of the very latest Nokia devices.

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