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New Firefox Version Released For Android

By Simon Thomas on 10th January 2013

We've got some good news for fans of Firefox who own an Android device because Mozilla have released a new version of the browser for Google's platform.


The new version of Firefox is available to download right now from Google Play and those who already have it installed should receive an update notification automatically. So what improvements does the new Firefox browser bring ?


The major new addition to the application is "Search Suggestions",  which we find especially helpful on a mobile device because you don't need to spend as much time using the on-screen keyboard. Those who get annoyed by search suggestions will be pleased to know you can disable the feature.


One very important new inclusion is "Safe Browsing" which stops you visiting malicious websites on your mobile device. With mobile devices becoming more and more vulnerable to viruses this is a very welcome addition.


Additionally, the new version of Firefox for Android is 25 per cent faster than the previous version. We're also sure that a number of bugs have been resolved and security fixes implemented and for this reason alone 3G recommend that users install the new version.


You can download Firefox for Android from Google Play right now by clicking here.

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