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Mobile Bravia 2 Display Technology Explained

By Simon Thomas on 18th January 2013


Sony's Mobile Bravia 2 is the latest in mobile display technology and is featured on it's next-gen smartphones including the Sony Xperia Z, Xperia V and the Xperia ZL. Sony have now posted a guide documenting the major features of Mobile Bravia 2 displays !


The video, posted above, gives an overview of exactly what makes Mobile Bravia 2 displays so great. Mobile Bravia technology enhances the image displayed by using an advanced image engine in real-time , which optimises contrast, sharpness and eliminates noise.


Advanced Contrast Enhancer

Sony Mobile Bravia 2

Mobile Bravia 2 features an advanced contract enhancing algorithm which optimises the contrast of every scene. It works by making the dark parts of an image darker and the light parts lighter , which results in higher perceived contract.

You can see an example of the feature in the picture posted above and there is no denying that it's made the image look much better !

Optimised Sharpness Filter


Sony Mobile Bravia 2


Sony's Mobile Bravia 2 technology also has a sharpness filter which adds additional detail to every image. You can see the effect in the picture posted above and it's quite staggering how much difference it actually makes.


What you've got to remember is that these changes are done in real-time and it makes no difference to the actual images or videos , which makes it even more impressive.


Deep Colour Management and Noise-Reduction Filter

Mobile Bravia 2 also features "Deep Colour Management" which ensures that all images are displayed have deep and vibrant colours. The final optimisation comes thanks to a "Noise-Reduction Filter" , which reduces noise artifacts such as block noise and mosquito noise, for clear video viewing.

The inclusion of Mobile Bravia 2 technology is a real plus-point and it's sure to be feature in all of Sony's upcoming premium handsets !

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