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LG Nexus 4 Now Available On Virgin Mobile

By Simon Thomas on 15th January 2013

LG's Nexus 4 is now available to buy from Virgin Mobile who are offering the smartphone free on selected tariffs. Sadly, you can't pickup the smartphone on Pay As You Go.


Virgin's tariffs start at just £31 a month, although in order to get unlimited data and the smartphone free you'll have to pay £39 a month. That does seem like a pretty high price for a mobile which can be bought SIM-free for just £279.


Three offer a better deal because they are offering the Nexus 4 16GB with unlimited data for £35 a month. You will have to pay £29 upfront for the smartphone, but it still offers better value over the length of the contract.


You can checkout Three's Google Nexus 4 deals by clicking here.


The LG Nexus 4 is currently out of stock over at Google Play, so those keen to get their hands on the smartphone will either have to be patient or pick one up from Three or Virgin Mobile.


The reason the smartphone is out of stock is that it offers such great value because you get a quad-core Android Jelly Bean smartphone for just £239 (8GB model) or £279 (16GB model). Our review of the Nexus 4 concluded that " The LG Nexus 4 offers an affordable way to enjoy the latest games and HD movies, as well as surf the web.".


You can read 3G's full review of the LG Nexus 4 by clicking here.

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