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iPhone 5 With Unlimited Data For £34 A Month

By Simon Thomas on 02nd January 2013

The iPhone 5 was one of the best selling smartphones over the festive period and those who've been strong enough to hold out from buying one so far might want to stop reading now.


That's because Three are now offering the iPhone 5 with unlimited data for just £34 a month with an upfront fee of just £99. As well as unlimited data you'll get 500 minutes and 5,000 texts and can choose between a white or black 16GB iPhone.


A number of other deals are also available including the "One Plan" which costs £36 a month and gets you 2,000 minutes, 5,000 texts, 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes and unlimited data. Additionally, the 32GB and 64GB are also available to buy although they do have slightly higher upfront fees (£199 and £269 respectively).


You can checkout all of Three's iPhone 5 deals by clicking here.


3G reviewed the iPhone 5 last year where we concluded that "It’s beautifully designed, has a fabulous display and a decent snapper which makes it the best iPhone ever." You can read our full review of the iPhone 5 by clicking here.


Time Magazine recently awarded the iPhone 5 their best gadget of 2012 award and we can't argue that its a stunning device. Those looking for a stylish premium smartphone shouldn't look any further than Apple's iPhone 5.


Three's iPhone 5 deals are also the best in the UK so those looking to pickup the smartphone should head on over to the Three store to find out which deal is best for them. You can visit the Three store by clicking here.

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