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iPhone 5 Owners Get Visual Voicemail - but only with 4G on EE |

By Simon Thomas on 30th January 2013

Apple first announced "Visual Voicemail" back in 2007 , but support from operators for the feature has been lacking. However, EE have now announced that their 4G iPhone customers can now access Visual Voicemail.


Visual Voicemail enables users to view a list of people who've left them voicemails and listen to them without having to dial a number. You can listen to them in whatever order you like, as well as being able to pause and stop them at anytime.


EE's 4G customers will now be able to use the service and the even better news is that the data it uses will be free. In order to use the feature you'll need to be running iOS 6 or later, but seen as though EE only offer the iPhone 5 on 4G that shouldn't be much of an issue.


EE also own both the Orange and T-Mobile networks and the good news for Orange customers with an iPhone running iOS 6 is that they'll get Visual Voicemail very soon. However, it doesn't look like T-Mobile will be adding support for Apple's feature anytime soon which is disappointing.


Hopefully, EE's steps will provoke the other UK operators to begin offering "Visual Voicemail". We hope it does because free voicemail which is easier to use would be greatly appreciated. If we hear anymore about the availability of the service we'll be sure to let you know !

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