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HTC M7 To Be Unveiled On February 19th

By Simon Thomas on 24th January 2013

Back at the start of December we brought you rumours about HTC's next flagship smartphone called the HTC M7.


Initially, we expected the smartphone to be unveiled at CES but that didn't come to fruition, so naturally we were expecting it to be showcased at Mobile World Congress next month. However, it looks like HTC have different ideas because new rumours suggest they will unveil the HTC M7 at a London press event on February 19th.


Unveiling the new Android mobile ahead of MWC could be a smart move because so many devices get announced at the event in Barcelona that a lot of them don't get the attention they deserve.


So what do we know about the HTC M7 so far ?


A rumoured specification of the HTC M7 has appeared online suggesting that the smartphone will be HTC's new flagship Android smartphone. It'll come pre-loaded with Android Jelly Bean and will support all the latest in mobile technology.


The touch-screen display is thought to come in at 4.7 inches and will run at a full HD resolution (1920*1080 pixels). That'll give it a truly staggering 468 PPI which blows away current smartphones, while the device will be powered by a 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor.


The beastly quad-core processor is complemented by 2GB of RAM, while the HTC M7 will have 32GB of on-board memory. HTC's mobile will also have a stunning 13 mega-pixel camera, while it'll also support 4G and come with Beats Audio technology.


The image posted above is a render of HTC's smartphone, spotted by Android Police, which gives us an idea of what the M7 could look like. To be honest it looks like a pretty standard smartphone and we're hopeful it proves innaccurate !


As soon as 3G get more news about the HTC M7 we'll be sure to let you know !

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